Why You Need Dental Cleaning Even if it “Doesn’t Hurt”?

It’s not uncommon for people to avoid having a dental check-up for months, even years at a time. People have their personal insecurities when it comes to oral hygiene and can be afraid to go visit the dentist to get cleaning.

Often, people say “I don’t need a check-up, nothing hurts”. But when you visit a dentist, it’s much more than just cleaning and making sure things don’t hurt. It’s important that you have a check-up at least one every six months. Essentially, we are saving your life and making sure you are free from any diseases or problems such as oral cancer.

Here is a list of reasons why you should book a check-up every so often and get dental cleaning, even if nothing does hurt.

Preventing Gum disease:

Gum disease affects, you guessed it, your gums. It infects the tissues of your gums that hold your teeth in place. This is one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss.

Preventing Bad Breath:

Studies have shown that 85% of bad breath sufferers have a dental problem. By going to a check-up and having dental cleaning, your oral hygiene will be improved. Also, the cause of the odour can be detected and solved.

Maintaining Good physical health:

There have been recent studies that link strokes and heart attacks to gum disease as a result of poor dental health! So, it’s possible that regular dental cleaning will not only prevent gum disease, it will reduce the risk of you getting a stroke or a heart attack.

Detecting Problems Early:

Early detection of gum disease, any cavities or broken fillings can be treated easily. However, if these problems are detected a lot later, it can be more difficult to treat. Treatment may even be more extreme such as removing the tooth or surgery.

Clean and Bright Teeth:

With dental cleaning, teeth stains caused from drinking tea, smoking and eating certain foods can be removed. This will leave your teeth nice and white, making your smile more beautiful!

So, if you wait until there is a problem with your oral hygiene or you feel pain, it could be too late. Visit your local dentist regularly for check-ups and cleaning to keep your health as best as possible.

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