Does your breath smell?

Bad breath can be a common problem for both men and women, which can lower your self esteem and affect your social interactions.

Food and plaque are the main reasons to cause a bad breath. It is triggered by the so-called anaerobic, sulphur-producing bacteria, which commonly starts first in the morning. This is usually caused by the lack of oral cleaning before sleep or breathing merely through your mouth. However, this issues can be treated with rinsing the mouth with fresh water and tongue brushing.

Nevertheless bad breath can also be related to other eating habits, such as consuming an unhealthy amount of garlic, onion, cabbage, cauliflower and/or radish. These foods contain some sulphur compounds or are a source for the anaerobic, sulphur-producing bacteria. Other habits can include smoking or drinking alcohol.

Poor oral hygene and any oral infections can be responsible for a bad breath as well, such as food debris, gum disease or plaque. The proteins from those bleeding gums and diseased oral tissues can provide great fuel for bacteria. Moreover, retained plaque on the tongue surface can be another hot spot associated with bad breath.

Here are some useful tips, in order to prevent bad breath:

  • Avoid huge amounts of foods such as onions, garlic or cauliflower
  • Eat loads of fibrous fruit and vegetable with your regular meals, in order to remove bacteria and plaque.
  • Stop excessive drinking and/or smoking
  • Brush your teeth possibly after every meal
  • Drink plenty of water, in order to wash out your mouth and tongue especially.
  • Brush your tongue, when brushing your teeth
  • Use sugar free chewing gum to stimulate saliva flow. This will keep your mouth moist.
  • Floss at least once a day

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