Dental care tips for pregnant women

Besides bringing you the biggest joy of your life, a pregnancy can also affect your teeth and gums. The increase of hormones can make it more difficult to fight plaque. Moreover, studies have shown that if you develop gum disease whilst you are pregnant, you are more likely to give birth to a premature baby. Therefore, following a good and healthy oral hygiene, you can decrease the risk of any dental issues and a early delivery throughout pregnancy.

Don’t brush after vomiting

Morning sickness is very common for pregnant women and will make you fell the urge to brush your teeth immediately. However, brushing your teeth this early can cause stomach acids to eat away at your tooth enamel. Hence, wait at least an hour and if your moth feels icky, you can rinse it out with non-acidic and alcohol free mouthwash.

Be careful when flossing

A pregnancy can increase the risk of gum disease, which leads you to always floss your teeth. Floss between your teeth carefully before brushing them, Flossing removes food pieces and plaque, which the toothbrush can’t reach. Don’t worry if your gums bleed after flossing your teeth for the first time – after the removal of built-up plaque, your gums should stop bleeding.

More calcium

Calcium lowers the risk of osteoporosis and makes your teeth much stronger during a pregnancy. Great calcium sources are milk, yoghurt, spinach, cheese and almonds.If your diet does not include much calcium, talk to your doctor about taking supplements.


All in all, it is quite important to visit your dentist regularly when you are pregnant. Our dentist can help you examin your teeth and look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and any other dental issues. For more dental treatments you can give our lovely team a call for more information.

Does your breath smell?

Bad breath can be a common problem for both men and women, which can lower your self esteem and affect your social interactions.

Food and plaque are the main reasons to cause a bad breath. It is triggered by the so-called anaerobic, sulphur-producing bacteria, which commonly starts first in the morning. This is usually caused by the lack of oral cleaning before sleep or breathing merely through your mouth. However, this issues can be treated with rinsing the mouth with fresh water and tongue brushing.

Nevertheless bad breath can also be related to other eating habits, such as consuming an unhealthy amount of garlic, onion, cabbage, cauliflower and/or radish. These foods contain some sulphur compounds or are a source for the anaerobic, sulphur-producing bacteria. Other habits can include smoking or drinking alcohol.

Poor oral hygene and any oral infections can be responsible for a bad breath as well, such as food debris, gum disease or plaque. The proteins from those bleeding gums and diseased oral tissues can provide great fuel for bacteria. Moreover, retained plaque on the tongue surface can be another hot spot associated with bad breath.

Here are some useful tips, in order to prevent bad breath:

  • Avoid huge amounts of foods such as onions, garlic or cauliflower
  • Eat loads of fibrous fruit and vegetable with your regular meals, in order to remove bacteria and plaque.
  • Stop excessive drinking and/or smoking
  • Brush your teeth possibly after every meal
  • Drink plenty of water, in order to wash out your mouth and tongue especially.
  • Brush your tongue, when brushing your teeth
  • Use sugar free chewing gum to stimulate saliva flow. This will keep your mouth moist.
  • Floss at least once a day

Visit your dentist or hygienist regularly to avoid any oral infections or diseases. For more information just give us a call on 020 7836 1847 or book an appointment online at our dental practice.

Why You Need Dental Cleaning Even if it “Doesn’t Hurt”?

It’s not uncommon for people to avoid having a dental check-up for months, even years at a time. People have their personal insecurities when it comes to oral hygiene and can be afraid to go visit the dentist to get cleaning.

Often, people say “I don’t need a check-up, nothing hurts”. But when you visit a dentist, it’s much more than just cleaning and making sure things don’t hurt. It’s important that you have a check-up at least one every six months. Essentially, we are saving your life and making sure you are free from any diseases or problems such as oral cancer.

Here is a list of reasons why you should book a check-up every so often and get dental cleaning, even if nothing does hurt.

Preventing Gum disease:

Gum disease affects, you guessed it, your gums. It infects the tissues of your gums that hold your teeth in place. This is one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss.

Preventing Bad Breath:

Studies have shown that 85% of bad breath sufferers have a dental problem. By going to a check-up and having dental cleaning, your oral hygiene will be improved. Also, the cause of the odour can be detected and solved.

Maintaining Good physical health:

There have been recent studies that link strokes and heart attacks to gum disease as a result of poor dental health! So, it’s possible that regular dental cleaning will not only prevent gum disease, it will reduce the risk of you getting a stroke or a heart attack.

Detecting Problems Early:

Early detection of gum disease, any cavities or broken fillings can be treated easily. However, if these problems are detected a lot later, it can be more difficult to treat. Treatment may even be more extreme such as removing the tooth or surgery.

Clean and Bright Teeth:

With dental cleaning, teeth stains caused from drinking tea, smoking and eating certain foods can be removed. This will leave your teeth nice and white, making your smile more beautiful!

So, if you wait until there is a problem with your oral hygiene or you feel pain, it could be too late. Visit your local dentist regularly for check-ups and cleaning to keep your health as best as possible.

The helpful and friendly dental team at Convent Garden Dental Clinic can provide you with even more information keeping your teeth in top condition. For more information, give us a call today on 02078361847.

8 Reasons why you should be brushing your teeth twice a day

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day should be an integral part of your day, just as its vital you eat. There are many reasons why it’s important that you brush your teeth twice a day, some of the reasons are obvious whilst others are less commonly known. Here are eight reasons why you should be brushing your teeth everyday:

  1. Maintaining a fresh breath: When you don’t brush your teeth regularly, bacteria build up occurs in the mouth which can cause a variety of problems. To prevent bacteria building up, make sure to brush your teeth twice a day as well as chewing sugar free gum after each meal.

  2. Prevents gum disease: You are at risk of plaque build-up on the teeth when you don’t brush often. Plaque is an accumulation of bacteria and food that occurs in everyone’s mouth. However, this plaque can lead to Gingivitis, a yellow lining on the base of the tooth that meets the gum. This is often the first stage of gum disease which causes inflammation of the gums and bleeds when you brush them.

  3. Removes teeth stains – Toothpaste contains mild abrasives that removes debris and surface stains such as include calcium carbonate, aluminium oxides dehydrated silica gels, phosphate salts hydrated and silicates.

  4. Reduces your chances of getting a heart attack or stroke – The Bacteria build-up from your mouth can travel down into the bloodstream, increasing the likelihood of cholesterol build up in the arteries. This can therefore elevate the chances of getting a stroke or heart attack.

  5. Be kissable – Let’s face it, who wants to kiss someone who has a smelly breath or food in their teeth? Brushing your teeth is the most effective way to get rid of bacteria in your mouth, remove food.

  6. Saves you money – Curing is always more expensive than the cure, and is usually a lot more hard work! Brushing your teeth twice a day will not only improve the your gum and teeth health, but it will help in preventing problems in the future, ultimately leaving you with reduced dental bills.

  7. Have a healthy baby – Gum disease has been shown to increase the chance of premature birth and low birth weight. If you are pregnant, keep in mind that the bacteria build-up from in your mouth from not brushing your teeth can get into the bloodstream of your baby, putting them in risk. It can also be one of the many causes of delayed conception and impotence.

  8.  Prevent Dementia – Some studies have shown that Poor gum health increases in your risk of developing dementia by a 30% to 40%.

Those 3 minutes of brushing, twice a day can really save your life and prevent many serious diseases! The helpful and friendly dental team at Convent Garden Dental Clinic can provide you with even more information keeping your teeth in top condition. For more information, give us a call today on 02078361847.

Want to Freshen Your Breath While Putting Some Pep in Your Step?

Basics of Oral Hygiene

Having good oral hygiene means you take care of your teeth. It is known as the practice of keeping the mouth as well as the teeth clean in order to not have any dental problems such as, gingivitis, bad breath, dental cavities and more. Good oral hygiene is a must when it comes to certain oral tissues being able to regenerate and heal properly. Conditions like these are oral cysts, when wisdom teeth get extracted, any dental trauma, and more. There are tons of things that you can do in order to keep up good oral hygiene and these things can make your breath fresh, keep your mouth clean, and keep your teeth and gums clean, help fight off bacteria and more. Amongst also making your kisses sweeter and making yourself feel better all around.

Top Five Tips to Freshen Your Breath:

The following is a list the top five reasons on how you can instantly get your breath to freshen up. The obvious thing you need to do is brush your teeth at least twice a day to clean them. Brushing your teeth removes bacteria and helps you to maintain your overall oral health. These five main tips are as follows but can include more than the following:

  • Water is your best friend – drinking water has a lot of benefits, it not only helps you lose weight and rehydrates your body, but it also leads to fresher breath and healthier gums
  • Certain foods are better than others – nuts and foods that have dairy in them are good to eat, as well as bananas and potatoes. Cucumbers, broccoli and carrots are good to eat as well; these foods help to increase the levels of the pH in the mouth and help to decrease the levels of acidity.
  • Flossing is the best – it leads to the gums and the teeth being healthier. Keep in mind that using a clean section of floss for each tooth is better than nothing; do not force the floss either, work it in slowly
  • Soft bristles or hard bristles – be sure to use the right tooth brush for you .The tips of the bristles are meant to be bent so there isn’t any damage to the gums or the teeth. However, once the bristles on the brush are bent it is time for a new one!
  • Avoid sugary snacks and sugary drinks – The sugar in these snack and these beverages cause the enamel on the teeth to wear off and it causes the teeth to rot away, they are ok in moderation but are not highly recommended.

In the end you should go see your dentist at least once a year for a checkup. Doing this will help aid in the prevention of diseases, illnesses or anything else going wrong. This will allow you to diagnose any problems as soon as possible before they become detrimental to health or even incurable.

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